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Number: 1727

Title: Mechanical Engineer

Type: Full time

Location: GMT Project Office, Pasadena CA

This exciting job opportunity is with the GMTO (Giant Magellan Telescope Organization) located in Pasadena, California. The GMT is being developed by a group of leading university and research centers from across the globe. The GMTO Corporation has been formed to design, construct and operate the GMT Observatory which will be located in the Andean mountains at Las Campanas Peak in Chile. The GMT is the next generation astronomical observatory with the capability to have 10 times the resolution of the Hubble Space Telescope. The project is entering the formal construction phase with scientific operations expected to begin in 2021-2022.


The successful candidate will be an employee of the GMTO Corporation and must be able to meet pre-employment requirements including any background and reference checks and the successful candidate must be a US citizen or eligible to work in the United States and at least 18 years of age. GMTO provides competitive salaries and a generous benefits package.

Job Summary:
The GMT project is seeking a Mechanical Engineer to assist in the development and procurement of mechanical systems in the Primary Mirror Subsystem of the GMT.
The successful candidate will be a member of a small team of engineers to design, procure, integrate, and test actuator and position sensing subassemblies that are a part of the GMT primary mirror segment support system.
The Mechanical Engineer must be experienced in working with multidisciplinary teams that have successfully delivered complex, high-precision mechanical systems. They will be responsible for producing or directing draftsman for SolidWorks 3D models and 2D drawings with full ANSI Y14.5 dimensioning and appropriate views and cross sections. This role will also be responsible for performing and reviewing finite element models for distortion and stress analysis. They may modify designs based on the results of the FEA.
The Mechanical Engineer will also produce technical reports, requirements documentation, statements of work, and will be responsible for presentations in their area of responsibility at project meetings, reviews, and conferences.
A knowledge and the ability to specify welding requirements and specifications for thick cross section steel structures and knowledge of HVAC cooling systems (used for thermal control of the mirrors) will be desirable for this position. The candidate must be capable of working closely with suppliers, partners, and other technical teams to design, develop and procure the various subassemblies in the system. Experience with SolidWorks and a working knowledge of GD&T, ANSI Y14.5 are required in this position.

Job Duties:
• Develop design requirements, requirements documentation, interface control documents, 3D models, 2D detailed drawings, and specifications of the M1 subsystem subassemblies.
• Develop and review existing finite element analysis for displacement under load and stress analysis.
• Participate in the procurement process for engineering services and fabrication of these systems, including identification of potential vendors/suppliers, preparation of technical specifications and statements of work, participation in the selection process, and monitoring of work.
• Provide leadership for a small team of engineers to integrate, test, and commission mechanical systems in the laboratory and on the telescope.
• Write and/or review procedures for assembly and test operations for component level and assembly level mirror support components and the thermal control system. Analyze results and document in test reports.
• Ensure compliance with GMT quality assurance and safety requirements within their area of responsibility.
• Write technical reports and prepare and deliver technical presentations.
• Support the preparation of top-down and bottom-up system error budgets related to their mechanical systems.
• Evaluation and checking of technical drawings

Essential Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities:
• A minimum of an BS degree in Mechanical Engineering or Physics or equivalent technical discipline with 5 years of experience with the design and construction of large mechanical systems.
• Knowledge of the SolidWorks and the EPDM software packages
• Working knowledge of GD&T and well versed with ASME Y14.5 2009
• Demonstrated skill in NASTRAN finite element modeling and MATLAB.
• Knowledge of DFMA methodology
• Demonstrated experience in the design and delivery of large, complex mechanical systems for scientific or defense applications.
• Strong analytical ability with demonstrated written and oral communication skills.
• Experience in project engineering and/or project management.
• A cooperative team player who strives to make the team(s) successful.
• Ability to perform as an integrated product team lead.
• Knowledge of technical contract management and quality assurance methods

Desired Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities:
• MS degree in Mechanical Engineering or Physics or equivalent technical discipline with 5+ years in the design and construction of precision mechanical and electro-optic systems
• Demonstrated engineering leadership and management skills in large projects and/or international project collaborations.
• Knowledge with procurement of large assemblies preferred.
• Knowledge of welding schedules and requirements for thick cross section steel structures.
• Knowledge of precision pneumatic actuator systems.
• Knowledge of HVAC systems for thermal control of the primary mirror.
• Knowledge of laser tracker and theodolite systems
• Knowledge of optics fabrication and testing methods.
• Familiarity with geometric optics, metrology systems, and optical alignment tools.
• Experience in product and quality assurance requirements for optical systems.

Applicants should send a Letter of Interest and a Resume to
Only electronic submissions will be accepted. Please refer to the Job Number in the letter and in the email subject line.

GMTO is an equal opportunity employer.