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Job Details

Number: 1707

Title: Electronics Technician

Type: Full time

Location: GMT Project Office, Pasadena CA

This exciting job opportunity is with the GMTO (Giant Magellan Telescope Organization) located in Pasadena, California. The GMT is being developed by a group of leading university and research centers from across the globe. The GMTO Corporation has been formed to design, construct and operate the GMT Observatory which will be located in the Andean mountains at Las Campanas Peak in Chile. The GMT is the next generation astronomical observatory with the capability to have 10 times the resolution of the Hubble Space Telescope. The project is entering the formal construction phase with scientific operations expected to begin in 2021-2022.


The successful candidate will be an employee of the GMTO Corporation and must be able to meet pre-employment requirements including any background and reference checks and the successful candidate must be a US citizen or eligible to work in the United States and at least 18 years of age. GMTO provides competitive salaries and a generous benefits package.

Job Summary:
The GMT project is seeking an Electronics Technician to test, integrate, fabricate, and maintain various types of electrical assemblies. The position is in the M1 Subsystem and is based in Pasadena, CA. The Electronics Technician will be responsible for assembling, programming, and operating various types of operational and test instrumentation. Running and analyzing the results from some of this test instrumentation is another responsibility of this position. The Electronics Technician will work with and take direction from the M1 Subsystem Electrical Engineer.
The Electronics Technician will also work with the M1 Subsystem team to develop and fabricate an M1 test cell. This test cell will be used to evaluate the performance of the M1 cell design in the support of an 8.4-m mirror segment. Some travel may be required in this position.

Job Duties:
• Support test equipment installations.
• Perform instrumentation checkout and upgrades.
• Troubleshoot and repair instrumentation electronics to the component level.
• Design and fabricate custom electronic assemblies and cables, populate and wire enclosures, and conduct research for component, enclosure, and connector procurements.
• Perform testing with and calibration on various hardware.
• Plan, procure and prepare the electrical connectivity of new instruments and systems.
• Design, procure and install low-voltage electrical circuits including: AC distribution, protections, breakers, power supplies and cabling.
• Perform routine and preventive maintenance on instruments and systems, including spares analysis and procedure documents elaboration.
• Coordinate with contractors and other GMT personnel to perform work activities at the GMT site.
• Create and maintain technical documentation.
• Maintain and help organize lab space

Essential Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities:
• Bachelor’s degree in electronic technology or equivalent training.
• A minimum of 3 years of experience working with digital/analog electronics and low voltage electrical systems.
• Experience building electronic assemblies, including soldering, wiring, construction of cables and connectors, as well as familiarity with safe static dissipation practice (ESD).
• Proficient at reading electronic schematics and electrical wiring diagrams.
• Ability to use electronic test equipment such as digital volt-amp meters, oscilloscopes, and function generators.
• Experience with computer hardware configuration and software installation.
• Ability to implement and trouble-shoot hardwired, fiber-optic, and wireless networks.
• Excellent interpersonal, teamwork, decision-making and judgment skills are necessary.
• Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills.
• Be a cooperative team player that strives to make the team(s) successful.
• Must have a proactive attitude towards safety.

Desired Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities:
• Previous experience in an astronomical research or scientific environment.
• Experience with operations, test and maintenance of scientific instrumentation.
• Previous experience in one or more of the following areas: electrical installations, motion control, PLC, environmental instrumentation and laser systems is preferred.
• Oral and written English communication skills are desirable.
• Experience with Matlab programming and analysis is a plus
• Experience with micro-processor programming is a plus

Applicants should send a Letter of Interest and a Resume to
Only electronic submissions will be accepted. Please refer to the Job Number in the letter and in the email subject line.

GMTO is an equal opportunity employer.