“The enormous collective scientific and technical talent in the GMT consortium will allow us to push back the frontiers of astronomy and enable future discoveries.”

GMTO Staff

GMTO Corporate Office
Robert Shelton, President
Patrick McCarthy, Director
Nick Avlessi, Accounts Payable Specialist
Christina Balian, Project Specialist
Zerelda Bolling, Senior Staff Accountant
Bryce Darlington, IT Support Technician
Marisa Glass, Human Resources Director
Alan Gordon, Chief Financial Officer
Amy Honbo, Controller
Damien Jemison, Creative Art Director
Sara Lee Keller, General Counsel
Amanda Kocz, Communications Manager
Catalina Navarrete, Human Resources Generalist
Karla Russell, Executive Assistant
Efren Sandoval, IT Manager
Cynthia Schutt, Senior Contracts Administrator
Diana Tatevosian, Accountant
Juan Trujillo, Office Administrator
Leticia Woodard, Purchasing Manager

GMTO Project Office
James Fanson, Project Manager
George Angeli, Project Systems Engineer
Gustavo Arriagada, Senior Systems Engineer
Matthieu Bec, Real Time Software Engineer
Rob Bernier, Senior Opto-Mechanical Engineer and Secondary Mirror System Lead
Rebecca A. Bernstein, Project Scientist
Bruce Bigelow, Opto-Mechanical Systems Lead
Antonin Bouchez, Adaptive Optics Group Lead
Nune Boyadjian, Project Business Manager
William Burgett, Deputy Project Manager
Eric Chauvin, Telescope Structures Manager
Hugo Chiquito, Opto-Mechanical Engineer (Secondary Mirror Subsystem)
Rod Conan, Adaptive Optics Controls Scientist
Adam Contos, Senior Systems Engineer
Marianne Cox, Software Release Manager
Kaushik Das, Thermal Modeling and Analysis Systems Engineer
Lee Dettmann, Senior Optical Engineer
Jade Dhatchayangkul, Senior Project Cost Analyst
Chris Echols, Mechanical Engineer
Jose Filgueira, Software and Controls Group Lead
Paul Gardner, Opto-Mechanical Engineer
Bob Goodrich, Observatory Scientist
Peter Gray, Senior Mechanical Engineer
Maria Hernandez, Configuration Management Specialist
Emily Hoffmann, Executive Assistant/Project Coordinator
Benjamin Irarrazaval, Controls Engineer
Zaven Kechichian, Mechanical Engineer/Designer
Heidy Kelman, Mechanical Designer
King-Ming Lam, Senior Mechanical Engineer
Sean Lin, Senior Opto-Mechanical Engineer
Christopher Madden, Senior Mechanical Engineer
Leni Malherbe, Document Control Specialist
John Miles, Integration and Test Lead
Jeffrey S. Morgan, Primary Mirror Systems Lead
Ruth Paredes, Document Control Specialist
Chien Y. Peng, Scientific Programmer
Marti Pi, Software Engineer
Fernando Quiros-Pacheco, Adaptive Optics Scientist
Andrew Rakich, Senior Optical Engineer
Trupti Ranka, Control System Analyst
Paul Rasmussen, Telescope Structural Engineer
Wylie Rosenthal, Optical Engineer
Rodrigo Sandoval, Head of Safety
Patricio Schurter, Opto-Mechanical Engineer
David Schwartz, Integrated Modeling Lead
Paul Stupik, Optical Scientist
Bahram Talison, Lead Structural Engineer
Dave Thomas, Senior Systems Engineer
Frank Tian, Electrical Engineer
Bob Turner, Project Controls Manager
Abhijit Wadhavkar, Telescope Mechanical Engineer
Brian Walls, Senior Systems Engineer
Xiaojian Yang, Structural/Controls Systems Engineer

GMTO Chile Office
Claudia Castro, Assistant Controller
Pedro Delgado, Accounting and Finance Manager
Eduardo Donoso, Site Manager
Francisco Figueroa, Site Engineer
Hector Higueras, Site Construction Surveyor
Pamela Jofré, Payroll and Benefits Officer
Javier Luna, Project Controls Lead
Francisco Meza, Electronics Technician
Claudio Navarro, Contracts & Procurement Manager
Rafael Ovando, Systems Administrator
Mauricio Pilleux, Head of Administration
Valentina Rodríguez, Outreach Coordinator
Miguel Roth, Legal Representative
Jose Soto, Telescope Electronic Controls Engineer


GMTO Board of Directors

Walter Massey, Chair, Art Institute of Chicago
Charles Alcock, Smithsonian Institution
Wayne Alexander, former President, SBC Southwestern Bell
Taft Armandroff, Vice-Chair, The University of Texas at Austin
Timothy Doyle, Carnegie Institution for Science
Daniel Eisenstein, Harvard University
Buell Jannuzi, The University of Arizona
Anne-Marie Lansdown, Office of the Chief Scientist of Australia
Richard Meserve, President Emeritus of Carnegie Institution for Science 
/ Covington and Burling
Byeong-Gon Park, Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute
Nigel Poole, University of New South Wales
João Steiner, University of São Paulo
Jerry Strawser, Texas A&M University

James Wyant, University of Arizona


GMTO Science Advisory Committee

Alan Dressler, Chair, The Carnegie Observatories
Martin Asplund, Mount Stromlo Observatory
Edo Berger, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Bob Blum, NOAO, Community Representative
Anita Cochran, The University of Texas at Austin
Jeff Crane, Carnegie Institution for Science
Eduardo Cypriano, Brazil
Josh Eisner, The University of Arizona
Daniel Fabricant, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Mike Gladders, The University of Chicago
Jenny Greene, Princeton, Community Representative
Narae Hwang, Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute
Casey Papovich, Texas A&M University
Andy Sheinis, Australian Astronomical Observatory
Rob Simcoe, MIT, Community Representative
João Steiner, FAPESP


GMTO Project Science Team

Dan Fabricant (Chair)
Laird Close
Mario Mateo
Brian McLeod
Povilas Palunas
Rob Simcoe

“The successful review by a distinguished panel of experts verifies what we have known for some time – we have an outstanding AO team and a great design.”

Richard F. Caris Mirror Lab

Steward Observatory Director:
Buell Jannuzi

SO Associate Director:
Jeffrey Kingsley

J. Roger P. Angel

RFC Mirror Lab Manager:
Stuart Weinberger

Please visit the University of Arizona’s Richard F. Caris Mirror Lab personnel page for a full staff listing.