GMTO Staff

GMTO Corporate Office

Patrick McCarthy, Director

Richard Haley, Contracts Officer

Amy Honbo, Controller

Carolynn LaRocca, Office Manager

Heidi Linn, Executive Assistant

Michael Long, Vice President

Davin Malasarn, Director of External Affairs

Ross Nordin, Financial Analyst

Bret Schaefer, Chief Financial Officer

Diana Tatevosian, Accountant

Angie Valdericeda, Development Coordinator

GMTO Project Office

Rebecca A. Bernstein, Project Scientist

Keith Raybould, Project Manager

Matthieu Bec, Real Time Software Engineer


Bruce Bigelow, Opto-Mechanical Systems Lead

Antonin Bouchez, Adaptive Optics Group Lead

Tomas Chylek, Telescope Mechanical Engineer

Arash Farahani, Enclosure Lead Engineer

Jose Filgueira, Software and Controls Group Lead

Charlie Hull, Senior Telescope Engineer

Benjamin Irarrazaval, Controls Engineer

George Jacoby, Instrumentation Scientist

Matt Johns, Chief Engineer and Telescope Group Lead

Heidy Kelman, Mechanical Designer

Ning Liu, Software Engineer


Jessica Maiten, Senior Systems Engineer

Leni Malherbe, Document Control Specialist

Gary Muller, Telescope Mechanical Engineer

Phillip Murg, CAD-EPDM Systems Manager

Chien Y. Peng, Scientific Programmer

Fernando Santoro, Senior Optomechanical Engineer

David Sawyer, Systems Engineering Group Lead

Michael Sheehan, Facilities and Enclosure Group Lead

Eli Slawson, Project Assistant

Carey Smith, Numerical Analyst/Optomechanical Engineer

Jose Soto, Telescope Electronic Controls Engineer

Gelys Trancho, Adaptive Optics Systems Engineer

Abhijit Wadhavkar, Telescope Mechanical Engineer

Brian Walls, Senior Systems Engineer

GMTO Board of Directors

Wendy Freedman, Chair, Carnegie Institution for Science

Matthew Colless, Vice Chair, Australian National University

Charles Alcock, Smithsonian Institution

Cynthia Allen, Carnegie Institution for Science

Warrick Couch, Astronomy Australia Limited

Darren DePoy, Texas A&M University

Roger Franzen, Australian National University

Linda Hicke, The University of Texas at Austin

James Hyatt, The University of Arizona

Buell Jannuzi, The University of Arizona

Robert Kirshner, Harvard University

Edward “Rocky” Kolb, The University of Chicago

David Lambert, The University of Texas at Austin

Mark McAuley, Astronomy Australia Limited

Jeff McClintock, Smithsonian Institution

H. Joseph Newton, Texas A&M University

Byeong-Gon Park, Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute

GMTO Finance and Audit Committees


Finance Committee

Mark McAuley, Chair, Astronomy Australia Limited

Nim Chinniah, The University of Chicago

Kevin Hegarty, The University of Texas at Austin

Robert Kirshner, Harvard University

Kristyn Worner, Australian National University

Yang Noh Yoon, Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute

Audit Committee

Cynthia Allen, Chair, Carnegie Institution for Science

Kevin Hegarty, The University of Texas at Austin

Buell Jannuzi, The University of Arizona

GMTO Scientific Advisory Committee

Richard Kron, Chair, The University of Chicago

Edo Berger, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Bob Blum, NOAO, Community Representative

Hsiao-Wen Chen, The University of Chicago

Anita Cochran, The University of Texas at Austin

Jeff Crane, Carnegie Institution for Science

Gary Da Costa, Mount Stromlo Observatory

Julianne Dalcanton, University of Washington, Community Representative

Megan Donahue, Michigan State University

Josh Eisner, The University of Arizona

Daniel Fabricant, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Jae-Joon Lee, Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute

Casey Papovich, Texas A&M University

Chris Tinney, University of New South Wales

GMTO Project Science Team

Dan Fabricant (Chair)

Laird Close

Mario Mateo

Peter McGregor

Brian McLeod

Povilas Palunas

Rob Simcoe

Steward Observatory Mirror Lab

Buell Jannuzi, Director, Steward Observatory

Roger Angel, Scientific Director

Peter Strittmatter, Director Emeritus, Steward Observatory

Jeff Kingsley, Associate Director, Steward Observatory

Mirror Casting Team

John Hill, Casting Scientist

Randy Lutz, Mirror Casting Manager

Jim Bracken, Staff Technician Sr.

Damon Jackson, Staff Technician Sr.

John Martin, Staff Technician Sr.

Phil Muir, Staff Technician Sr.

Blain Olbert, Materials Engineer

Mirror Polishing Team

Buddy Martin, Polishing Scientist

Jim Burge, Metrology Scientist

Steve Warner, Production Manager, Mirror Polishing Team

Rich Allen, Research Physicist

John Davis, Optician

Bill Hubler, Staff Technician Sr.

Dean Ketelsen, Research Specialist Sr.

Kevin Law, Staff Technician Sr.

Kirk O'Laughlin, Staff Technician Sr.

Bryan Smith, Research Specialist Sr.

Mike Tuell, Optical Research Engineer

Leslie Utley, Staff Technician Sr.

Tom Zobrist, Optical Research Engineer

Mirror Cell Integration Team

Steve Warner, Production Manager, Integration Team

Dan Castro, Staff Technician

Ken Daugherty, Staff Technician Sr.

Robert Lopez, Staff Technician Sr.

Ray Perry, Staff Technician Sr.

Support Group

Greg Gasson, Software Engineer

Shanna Jacob Lang, Safety - Chemical

Bruce Hille, Facility Engineer/Maintenance Team Leader

Cary Kittrell, Programmer

Tom Reeve, Staff Technician Sr.

Administrative Team

Karen Kenagy, Program Manager

Kassandra Hunter, Office Assistant

Victoria Klocko, Office Assistant

Jessica Crain, Office Assistant

Joli Thum, IH Intern


GMTO Staff

GMTO Board of Directors

GMTO Finance and Audit Committee

GMTO Scientific Advisory Commitee

Mirror Lab Staff