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Noviembre 2016 – Español

Contenidos Sesión informativa para la industria sobre la montura del telescopio Estado de avance de las obras en el sitio Perfil de los miembros del Directorio: Dr. James Wyant Conferencia Científica de la Comunidad GMT Difusión hacia la comunidad en Chile Bienvenido al boletín de noviembre La oficina de proyectos ha trabajado arduamente durante los últimos MORE...

Septiembre 2016 – Español

Contenido Actualización de las obras de construcción Perfil de los miembros del Directorio: Anne-Marie Lansdown Modelo Computacional del viento en el Solicitud de Propuestas para la estructura principal del telescopio Conferencia Científica de la Comunidad GMT Bienvenido al boletín de septiembre Nuestro boletín periódico en español llega en esta ocasión en septiembre, mes en que MORE...

August 2016

Contents Construction Update Board Member Profile: Anne-Marie Lansdown CFD Modeling of the GMT site and enclosure Request for proposals for the telescope main structure GMT Community Science Meeting Welcome to the August newsletter Early summer has been busy for the project office. We held our first open house for family and friends of GMTO – MORE...

Marzo de 2016 – Español

To read this newsletter in English click here. Durante el primer trimestre del año 2016 comienza una emocionante transición para GMTO. La llegada del nuevo Gerente de Proyecto ha dado un fuerte impulso al equipo del mismo. Nos hemos instalado en nuestras nuevas oficinas, donde esperamos permanecer por largo tiempo, en el Noreste de Pasadena. MORE...

March 2016

Para leer este Boletín en español, haga clic aquí. The first quarter of 2016 marks an exciting transition time for GMTO. Our new Project Manager has settled in and is moving the project team forward. We have relocated to our new, and long-term, home in Northeast Pasadena. The fourth of seven giant mirrors for the MORE...

4th Mirror Casting - glass loaded

Twenty tons of glass loaded into the oven, and the furnace is ready for placement of the oven lid. Image credit: Ray Bertram, Richard F. Caris Mirror Lab, University of Arizona.

Groundbreaking - Bachelet rings stone

Oven heating begins: the oven is spinning at approximately 5 RPM as the glass heats up to maximum temperature of 1165°C / 2129°F which was achieved at 8:40 pm on Friday, September 18, 2015. Image credit: Ray Bertram, Richard F. Caris Mirror Lab, University of Arizona.

Third Annual GMT Community Science Meeting

“reSolving Galaxies in the Era of Extremely Large Telescopes” was the topic of the Third Annual GMT Community Science Meeting, held at the beautiful Asilomar Conference Grounds in Pacific Grove, CA in October 2015.

Over 120 people gathered to discuss resolved stellar populations and galaxy formation, including galactic archaeology and the use of galaxies as cosmological probes. Dr. Connie Rockoski from UC Santa Cruz gave the opening talk. Other invited speakers included Dr. Beth Willman, LSST Deputy Director, and Dr. Jason Kalirai, JWST Project Scientist at STScI.

Dr. Andrey Kravtsov led the summary discussion on the last day and noted that, “it may be that we cannot even formulate the questions that will be the most exciting in ten to fifteen years.”

Dr. Rebecca Bernstein, GMTO Project Scientist, planned the event with the Scientific Organizing Committee co-chaired by Dr. Charlie Conroy (Harvard), and Dr. Willman.

GMTO hosts the Community Science Meetings each year to encourage thoughtful discussions on a wide range of topics covering astronomy and astrophysics and to stay informed in state-of-the-art research in the field. The event is also an opportunity to reach beyond the consortium to engage the broader astronomical community.

For more information about the event visit the conference website.

CSM2015 - Audience

Delegates in discussion at the Community Science Meeting. Image credit: George Jacoby, GMTO.

CSM2015 - Brendan Griffen presents

Brendan Griffen, MIT, presents results from the Caterpillar Simulation Project. Image credit: George Jacoby, GMTO.

CSM2015 - UCSC colleagues

UC Santa Cruz colleagues Elisa Toloba, Alis Deason, and Emily Cunningham catch up at the Community Science Meeting. Image credit: Amanda Kocz, GMTO.

Fall 2014

Edward Moses appointed as GMTO President The Board of Directors of the Giant Magellan Telescope Organization is pleased to announce the appointment of Edward I. Moses, Ph.D., as President of GMTO. Formerly the Principal Associate Director (PAD) of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Moses led the development of the National Ignition Facility (NIF), the largest MORE...

Winter 2014

In January, the GMT team completed two significant reviews, bringing the group closer to the start of the Construction and Commissioning Phase of the project. MORE...